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If you’re just starting out, the exercise ball routine is a great way to improve strength and mobility. The routine can also serve as a warm-up for a longer workout.
Although we may not give much thought to it, balance and stability are essential for everything from walking to running. Yoga ball exercises are a great way to improve balance and stability without resorting to complicated or strenuous routines.
The inexpensive exercise ball can be used to strengthen the entire body while you get used to its unsteady surface. If you’re new to using exercise balls and are looking for a gentle way to tone your body, a yoga ball is a great option.
Check out these five simple exercise ball workouts for beginners. For more workouts, check out these stability ball exercises for a full body workout. Let’s get started:
The best way to get used to sitting on an exercise ball and loosen up your muscles is to participate in a ball circle.
To do the exercise, make the circles in whatever size you desire. As you warm up, you can enter each circle more deeply. Sit on the ball, and place your hands behind your head (more difficult), on the ball, or a wall if you require more stability.
Slowly begin to roll your hips in a circle to the right, arching slightly when the hips circle back. Curve your back when the hips circle forward. Create small circles and, as you gain confidence, do larger ones.
Focus on contracting your abdominals each time you roll the ball forward. Repeat 20 times, first to the right and then to the left.
Abdominals can benefit greatly from chest lifts. It’s great for strengthening both the upper and lower abs. The legs and glutes (butt muscles) also need to be engaged for stability.
To do the exercise, seat yourself comfortably on the exercise ball. Roll down on the ball with your back supported by the ball by walking your feet out and pulling the abs in and up. You will likely be slanted at an angle relative to the ground.
The correct position is hands behind the head with the elbows out. Inhale. Curl your head and upper spine up as you exhale and tighten your abs. Keep your hips out, and don’t hunch your back up. Take a deep breath in, and come back to the starting position. Do that three to six times.
The abbdominal, back, butt, and leg muscles are all worked out while using the bridge on the ball exercise. You also gain greater awareness of your posture as a result.
To do the exercise, use the exercise ball to support you calf muscles, and lie on your back. There should be no inclination or extension in your spine (a slight curve in the lower spine is fine). Rest your arms at your side.
Do not cross your legs. Lengthen and flex your toes. Focus your energy down your legs as you extend them. Use your abs to stabilize as you lift the hips so that your weight is between your shoulder blades, and the body forms a long, diagonal line. As you lift, the ball should travel up and down your legs.
Bring your shoulders down, and press the mat with the back of your arms. Hold the position for a full inhalation and exhalation. Bring your hips down to the floor by bending at the knees and hips.
Strengthening the glutes, hips, and thighs with ball squats is a great way to improve balance. If you’re having trouble with your back or knees, a ball can be a helpful tool. Squatting while supporting your weight on a ball is a great way to protect the lower back and knees.
To do the exercise, put the ball on the floor, and lean against the wall so that it’s behind your mid-back. Move your feet so that the hips are leaning against the ball. There could be knee pain if you put your feet too close to the wall.
Squat down as much as you can by bending your knees. Check to see if your knees are crossing over your toes by looking down. If you want to avoid locking your knees when you stand, it’s important to keep your weight on your heels as you push up. Do 15 repetitions, and use hand weights to increase the difficulty.
Any weight loss exercise routine is incomplete without this staple exercise.
To do the exercise, get on your knees with the ball between your knees and hips. Get your hands flat on the floor, with the hands shoulder-width apart, and rest your belly on the ball. To get the ball under your lower belly, walk your hands out till the body is supported by it.
Lift your legs off the ground, and hold them there while you brace your upper body (chest open, shoulders down, belly up). The legs should be together and straight. Keep your body straight from shoulder to ankle as you maintain the plank position. Hold for anywhere between 10-60 seconds.
Ball workouts are a simple, fun and interesting way to change up your exercise routine. Try the aforementioned workouts with your friends for an interesting workout sesh.
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