Four Shocking 50k Plus Jobs that People are not Aware of

What was your dream job when you were a kid? You probably wanted to be a lawyer, doctor, dentist, scientist, or even a movie star. But have you ever dreamed of being a trash collector or crab fisherman? You are likely one of those people sneer at the very thought of earning a living out of these seemingly lowly jobs. But heck, you can make at least $50,000 from jobs that people would never dare to consider. No, it does not involve selling your guts or anything illegal just to be able to earn that much. It may come as a surprise to you, but 50k plus jobs are not limited only to popular occupations. Even the most unpopular jobs can make you earn as much or even better.

Do you want to save up for your future? It’s time you hunt for a job that pays more than $50,000. The following are some of the unpopular yet lucrative jobs that you may consider. Be open-minded. Who knows, one of these jobs may catch your fancy.


It’s one tough job that’s not for the faint of hearts. Roughnecks earn around $50,000 spending the entire day in a huge oil drilling rig. The job involves linking new areas of pipe to each other as well as changing extremely hot drill pits. If you don’t mind the laborious work and the overly noisy environment, then you can make good money out of being a roughneck. And once you have shown consistent and good performance at work, you may get promoted to being a supervisor with a salary of about $100,000.

Crab Fisherman

Never belittle this jobóyou can earn as much as $50,000 in only two months of catching crabs on the seas. Here’s the catch, however: crab fishermen have the most dangerous job in the United States. You will have to endure the extremely cold waters in Alaska, brave the rough waters, and get through the pains of being away from your family for several months. But the price to pay may be smaller than the financial gain, especially once you get the hang of it.

Crop Duster Pilot

This job is quite different from the typical pilot. Traditional pilots soar high past the clouds, while crop duster pilots navigate a smaller aircraft on a low level. A crop duster pilot must be careful to avoid crashing into fence posts and power lines. Experienced crop duster pilots earn as much as $80,000 every year.

Trash Collector

Of all the 50k plus jobs discussed here, trash collector is least likely to be considered by people. Who would want to spend the rest of the day collecting garbage and dumping them into a truck, anyway? But come to think of it, there’s gold in trash. Why not try this job if there’s a lot of money in it? In some states, trash collectors enjoy an entry-level salary of about $50,000. New York City trash collectors rake in about $80,000. Is the amount tempting enough for you? In southern states like Florida, the pay is lower at $35,000. Still, that amount is huge enough compared to bumming around and doing nothing.