Gig Economy: Staffing Word of the Week; SIA conference upcoming – Staffing Industry Analysts

SIA is the Global Advisor on Staffing and Workforce Solutions
There were 33 million contingent workers in the gig economy, according to “The US Gig Economy Report” published this week from Staffing Industry Analysts. 
SIA’s Lexicon defines gig economy as “any contingent work of a fixed duration such as temporary workers (sourced directly or through a staffing agency) and independent contractors.” And the definition is not limited solely to transactions mediated online.
“SIA treats the gig economy as synonymous with contingent work, and, as such, these workers are sourced and managed through a number of different segments within the workforce solutions ecosystem,” according to the Lexicon.
The US Gig Economy report focuses further, formally dividing gig economy into temporary workers from staffing firms, temporary workers provided via talent and work services platforms, other temporary workers, self-employed with no employees and statement-of-work consultants employed by consulting firms.
The gig economy will also be the subject of discussion at the Collaboration in the Gig Economy conference taking place next week in Dallas.
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